No big deal draftingListen now (14 min) | How writing in my pajamas is changing everything.
125 handwritten pages down for draft two!
Interview: Jacqueline Winspear, The White LadyListen now (39 min) | Writing historical mystery and thrillers, ignoring where you're shelved in the bookshop, and where to hunt for story gold

February 2023

The first hundred pages of Draft TwoListen now (17 min) | How I keep on trucking along
The "mysteries read" pile is growing...
Interview: Deepti Kapoor, Age of ViceListen now (20 min) | Suspense, multiple characters + threads, and the underworld of crime in Delhi
Get to know this leading lady as the story grows

January 2023

Sneaking some writing in right under the critic's nose
Interview: Jennifer Herrera, The HunterListen now (30 min) | The Groundhog Day method and changing the world with mystery
Getting into the shadows of my cast for layer 2.
Operation TemplateListen now (21 min) | Mapping influence to build a more satisfying story
Mysteries read closing out 2022 and beginning 2023