Jan 13 • 20M

Interview: Ana Reyes, The House in the Pines

Making a thriller out of an MFA thesis

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Ever wondered how to write a mystery novel? Peek over my shoulder as I share my audio diary of writing the first book in a new series. Along the way, I'll share conversations with published mystery authors and their advice on what it takes to write a mystery readers can't put down.
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Welcome to the first interview episode of the Oh! Murder podcast. While I’m learning so much about mystery through my writing process, there’s nothing like someone further ahead to help speed us along.

Ana Reyes’s novel The House in the Pines is out with Dutton in January 2023. After seven years working on her book, including an early version written during her MFA, Ana has so many helpful thoughts about mystery and thriller.

I cannot wait to discuss this one once you’ve heard it!

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