Feb 10 • 20M

Interview: Deepti Kapoor, Age of Vice

Suspense, multiple characters + threads, and the underworld of crime in Delhi

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Caroline Donahue
Ever wondered how to write a mystery novel? Peek over my shoulder as I share my audio diary of writing the first book in a new series. Along the way, I'll share conversations with published mystery authors and their advice on what it takes to write a mystery readers can't put down.
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We’re back with an interview episode with Deepti Kapoor, discussing her highly anticipated novel, Age of Vice, out now. A former journalist, Deepti writes about the ultra-wealthy class in Delhi, India, and the consequences of limitless money on those in possession of it.

We discuss her approach to multiple plot threads, different pov characters, and her goals for the novel and the trilogy it will ultimately be part of.

Can’t wait for you to hear this one! Happy listening.

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