Thanks for the reviews of the books Caroline. I must admit I loved the conversation you had with Deepti Kapoor and I would love to read her book. I’m guessing it’s set in India? I really enjoy books set there having travelled far and wide in the country and loving the different cultures, peoples and disparate ways of life and any author bringing that to life is a joy to read. I really like all out psychological thrillers so mystery stories I find a little bit lacking in edge but some of these sound interesting for maybe a less anxious read! I do envy how you read so many books in such a short time. I can only manage one, maybe two a month if I’m lucky at night before sleep and wish there was time for more. Getting the writing in is more important now but reading is so essential to help that. As for cats not eating, it must be catching as my 21 year old boy was the same this week and yes so much time was lost creating different inviting tidbits that he simply refused to go near! Yet now he’s munching everything in sight again! Like children, you feel you have to feed them so the world stops while you do 🤪😉

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