Mar 17 • 14M

No big deal drafting

How writing in my pajamas is changing everything.

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Ever wondered how to write a mystery novel? Peek over my shoulder as I share my audio diary of writing the first book in a new series. Along the way, I'll share conversations with published mystery authors and their advice on what it takes to write a mystery readers can't put down.
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We’re back to a solo episode this week, with further updates on how the mystery draft is coming along. I’m closer to 150 pages as we reach the end of the week, and I share the weird approach that has made consistent progress possible in detail.

I hope your writing is coming along well. Another bit of news that you’ll be happy to hear: my other podcast, The Secret Library, returns next week for its EIGHTH season right before our 8th anniversary in this April.

If you’ll excuse a tangent: if you’ve ever wanted to pick my brain about podcasting, I’m celebrating 8 years of the SLP and over 15 years podcasting with a special training:
Inside the Secret Library podcast. It’s happening on 31 March and I’ll be spilling my guts about everything I’ve learned on the show. If you’d like to join for the live class, it’s about half the price it will be for just the recording later on.

Ok, back to murder. Let’s dive in.

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